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Instruments & Technical Equipment

Bandfoto 3: Astrid

Premium instruments and high-quality technical equipment are part of the ASTRID concept. This helps to deliver the music as it is to the audience: Purely handmade and fully controlled by the artists - not by technology.


The voices you hear are the live voices of Astrid and, more in the background, Hermann. You may think this is obvious, but we have seen others ...


Excellent instruments and a powerful playing style make sure you won't miss rhythm computers, midi technology, or playback tracks.

Sound Systems

Musicians and audience both want the same: Clear broadcasting of voices and guitar; discreet appearance; enough power; no annoyance; no disturbing noise.

Equipment from AKG, Sennheiser, Fishman, Harman and Adam Hall caters for an excellent sound experience. Interesting about the speaker cabinets of last-mentioned manufacturer: These well-designed, lean units distribute the sound in a way that it is not too loud in the front row, but still loud enough in the back. We don't know what they do, but it works.

Conclusion: The PA equipment is professional, discreet, loud enough, and designed to support the music and the live atmosphere.